Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My favorite place in the house

We bought a piano this summer, and I love having it in our house. No one can play it just yet, not unless you count dinking out the right hand melody as "playing", and I'm not even very good at doing that. Luckily, at least one of these three will turn into a budding musician.

Kate starts lessons in a week, and I am so excited for her. I always wanted to take lessons when I was young, but I never got the chance. Now I'm living vicariously through my daughter and getting so much joy from it. Hopefully, she'll like piano lessons and appreciate what we're doing by giving her this opportunity (yeah right). You want to know what she said when we bought the piano? She said, "I want to play a different instrument."

I furrowed my brow and asked her, "A different instrument? Like what?"

"The violin," she told me. (There's a girl down the street who plays the violin.)

"Well, you have to start on the piano," I told her. "And after two years, then you can start lessons on a different instrument if you want." (If we can afford it, I wanted to add, but she wouldn't have understood that at her young age.)


Jake and Laura Eames said...

I am so jealous... we sold ours a few years ago because we needed the $$$$ biggest mistake of our lives...I miss having one in the house. Music sings to my soul. Good luck with the lessons. I started when I was 4 years old but gave up on it by the time I was 6-7. I wish I would have stuck with it.

Angela said...

Speaking from a former piano teacher's perspective, Kate will probably like it for about 3 weeks and then you will have to force her to practice. Don't give in to the whining and crying, stay strong! My mom made me take lessons for years and I am SO glad she did.
Also, your girls are hilarious. They always look like they are having the best time!

Sarah said...

Love the picture of Lilly that face reminds me alot of Mac. Looks like you guys had fun at Jackson Hole! :)

Katie Lee said...

JEALOUSY!!! I so so so so so want a piano. There is nowhere in my house to put one, but believe me you, if we got one, I would MAKE a place in my house. I can only plink out top hand too, but cameron cam play about 6 hymns!