Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Burgers, Barry, Bellagio, & BYU Football or What Happens in Vegas Gets Posted to my Blog

I recently took a typical mormon Vegas Vacation with my hubby and his family. After dropping off our kids with my family (thank you thank you thank you, and sorry about Lilly's diapers!), we drove straight through and stopped at the quintessential In-N-Out Burgers. For the first time, I tried the protein-style burger (lettuce wrap instead of a bun). It wasn't bad. Not quite as satisfying as a bun burger, but still good. I'd like to say that I went protein-style because I'm health concious, but if you were there and saw me down the chocolate milkshake and animal-style french fries, you'd know better. Then, we went to the strip and headed straight for the Barry Manilow show, which was AWESOME! That man has written the most romantic songs ever created. Here is the man himself in yellow!
After the show, we left the casino without once pulling a slot machine (you'd be proud of me, Mom!) and headed straight for the Bellagio Fountain show. We hung out there for an hour, gawking at some of the passerbys in between shows and cheering when we saw other BYU fans. It was around midnight when we finally got to the car and headed for the hotel. I zonked out within minutes of the car ride. I don't quite have the stamina for late nights that I used to. (Who am I kidding? I've never had stamina for late nights.)

The next morning, we hung out at the luxurious resort hotel, playing a little pig and horse on the basketball court, swimming at the pool, and watching cheesy Adam Sandler movies on cable. We made it to the BYU vs. UNLV game with plenty of time to watch the pre-show. We cheered loud whenever BYU scored one of its dozen touchdowns and when one player ran a 92 yard kick-off return. (I hope I got that term right). Mac ran into his boss from work and a former mission companion. (Typical, right?)

Here am I with Mac, our cheesy grins and all. And Dad, Mom, Shea, and Kent. And here is Mac, Rhett, and Dad again, who is responsible for the great trip. Thanks Dad!
Our wild and crazy trip to Vegas for BYU football was, as always, a hit. We'll see you again, Vegas, in two more years.


Alicia said...

That is so cool, what a fun trip, we were very sad we missed it, hopefully in 2 years we'll make it!

Aubrey said...

That is so funny. That is just how are trips to Vegas go. Except we hit In-N-Out a few more times. We also like to include the best breakfast buffet EVER at the Paris hotel. For us Vegas is more about food and outlet shopping then gambling. Glad to know I am not the only one. I'm glad you guys were able to go out and have some fun. I also hear you about the late nights, when things are just getting started in Vegas, I'm ready to turn in.

Katy said...

So fun! I am glad you guys had a good time. Way to go Julie, on resisting the temptation! ;)

Brandi said...

Looks like you had fun. I am a little skeptical about the lettuce wrapped burger. I have to admit that does not sound appetizing. I recently bought hamburger buns that are thin (supposedly more healthy), but they can't win over the traditional bun. Go Buns!

wendys said...

cool! Take us next time!

Sarah and Jeremy said...

That is fun I'm not much of a night owl either. I bet it was great to get some time alone with just the two of you!