Monday, June 28, 2010

Piano Recital

I'm probably way too behind to catch up properly on the last couple months, but these photos were too cute not to post. So in a catching-up effort, here they are.
Back in May, Kate had her piano recital. Sort of. I got the date wrong, and we went to the Piano Gallery one date after her scheduled recital. So we were the only ones there, but the two people working at the store allowed us to hold a solo recital, and here are a few pictures from that night. Kate did great. She has been able to pick up on her lessons very well, and we are delighted with her progress. Now I just have to find a teacher in Arizona so she can continue her lessons.


Angela said...

Do you guys live in Phoenix or Tucson? If you are in Phoenix, I have teacher suggestions.

julie said...

We live in Tucson. Thanks though!

Katy said...

Oh my goodness, she looks so grown up in that dress! That is sad you missed the actual recital, but so nice that you were able to do an impromptu solo recital!

Aimee said...

Um, welcome to Arizona!!! This isn't exactly the best time to be moving here, but you will love it in a couple of months!

So we are about 2 hours north of you, but we will have to figure out some time to get together! I'd love to meet your beautiful girls. Hope things are going well!