Monday, July 28, 2008

Rice Krispie Treats and Breaking Dawn

So, I know that Rice Krispie Treats are the easiest thing to make in the world. I know this, but I don't think I've ever made them until today - I had to google the recipe. I've also learned an important lesson today: Never make Rice Krispie Treats before dinner, when you're hungry. As I cook dinner right now (boilding hotdogs does count as cooking, right?), I'm looking at the pan of Rice Krispies wondering where half the pan went and why does my stomach feel a little unsettled? So I'm sending out this warning to all three of you out there who will read this and may not already know the perils of cooking dessert on an empty stomach.

Onto my second part of this blog, many of you are fans of the Stephenie Meyer Twilight series. The latest book in the series, Breaking Dawn, is released this Friday. For those of you who live close by and who like to read the books, I am planning on having a party to discuss the latest book. You are all welcome to come to the party, but we will be discussing the latest book, so if you haven't finished it by the time of the party, you may not want to come if you don't like having the endings of books spoiled for you. I will post more information about the party when I get it organized. I would also like you to help me generate some discussion topics/questions for the party. You can post them here as a comment or tell them to me later. Feel free to also leave party ideas! Thanks everyone!


Nance said...

funny that you posted this about rice krispie treats. i too don't think i've ever made them myself and just bought marshmallows the other day to do so. then discovered that my rice krispies are almost all eaten so now i need to buy a new box. i guess i'll have to make sure it has a recipe on it. and not to make them when i'm hungry. :)

wish i was there to discuss breaking dawn with you.

Jenny Lynes said...

Wow! Your book clubs are serious! We just meet and say "how did you like the book?" and then start talking! :) I may fly up depending on when you have it! By the way, did you get those Rice Krispies on sale at Smiths last week? Because I just bought them for the first time in our marriage and told Woodson I was going to make Rice Krispie treats too! Ha! Who are all those people out there making Rice Krispie treats all the time? Also - I am sure there are WAY more than 3 people who read your blog!