Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who's the Boss?

The other day, Mac and I were getting Kate and Avery dressed for bed. The girls like to race to see who can get ready the fastest, but usually the loser throws a fit, so I've begun discouraging the racing. Mac, on the other hand, likes to encourage it, so here we were, Mac telling Avery to hurry and race and me telling them, "There will be NO racing!" We went back and forth for a while until Mac finally asked Avery, "Who's the boss, mommy or daddy?" Avery enthusiastically yelled, "MEEEEEEEEEEE!" With raised eyebrows, I told Mac, "She's got that right."


Cassie said...

cute story!

Mosers said...

That is hilarious... lol sounds like our house but our kids refuse to go to bed.