Friday, January 30, 2009

Wittiness x 10

In my imagination, I'm way wittier than I am in real life. Witty like Mary Roach, Heidi Hadley, and all of those other phenom bloggers out there that I stumble upon almost daily. However, since this is my real blog of my real life, I'm never really that witty, even when I try. I'm always wishing I could think of something really funny to blog about. Well today, I found a way to cheat the system. See, I found this Flight of the Conchords video on someone else's blog (yeah, even the idea to blog it isn't mine), so I decided to post it on my blog so you could all have a good laugh. Plus, just having the video on my blog makes me look way wittier than I really am. Don't believe me? Just watch the video.


Lisa said...

"You could be a part time model"

Where do people find these things?


wendys said...

Hi Julie! I'm glad you found my blog through Angela's (she was a college roommate of my sister). We were thinking about you guys the other day... it looks like you had a third girl since the reunion! How fun. I totally believe you are wittier than you think!

Erin said...

Hysterical Julie!! Chris and I think these guys are quite funny!!! Thanks for the laugh today!

Aimee said...


Oh, I could just imagine you enjoying this! Did he say "you're so beautiful, like a tree?" Fabulous. His dance moves reminded me of you physically running into someone at a dance in London so that he would ask you to dance. That is one of my favorite memories!