Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow Day

I finally decided the girls needed to brave the cold and play in the snow. Actually, I needed to shovel the driveway-again. This is Lilly's first time really being outside for any length of time. This is how she looked the whole time. No smiles, no change of expression, nothing. It might have been a little too much for her, but I just love her little round face peeking out from the hood.

For those of you not familiar with Idaho Falls, you should know that this is a very typical picture of the winter season here. Snow, snow, and more snow everywhere you look. It's relentless. Some kids would love playing the snow, but my girls are not those kind of kids. If their mittens fall off, they cry. If snow falls in their coats, they cry. When Avery thinks she can't move her feet because they're in a couple inches of snow, she cries. When we finally went inside on this day, Kate was near tears as she told me, "When it get's cold, that means no fun!" We really don't enjoy the great outdoors of Idaho like we should.


Katy said...

I don't enjoy the snow like I should either! The girls sure looked cute in their snow clothes though.

Sarah and Jeremy said...

Ha! Ha! That is funny. After you move to a place that never gets snow, you actually miss it. . . just a little not enough to really want it around all the time, but you know it would be nice to have just on Christmas. :) Hope ya'll are hanging in there with all that snow! Just a few more months. . . LOL!