Thursday, February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Mac!

Mac turned 30 yesterday! He woke up on the morning of his birthday, turned to me with a dour expression, and said, "Where did my youth go?"

I'm just kidding. He didn't say that. He wasn't even here! Mac is traveling throughout the southwestern states for work, so we celebrated his birthday on Saturday. His parents were in town, and they treated us to a dinner at Red Robin. My brother Mike, his wife Brandi, and their cute baby Bailey also stopped by for a quick visit. Per Mac's request, I made the same thing I always make for his birthday: a yellow cake with rainbow chip frosting. Pair that with some brownie fudge icecream, and you have a happy man on his birthday. Can you say easy to please?

We love our Mac. He is sweet and funny and smart. Our girls get all their good looks from him. Happy Birthday Mac!


Alicia said...

Happy Birthday Mac!

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday, Mac!

wendys said...

Happy (late) Birthday Mac! I love rainbow chip frosting.

Katy said...

Happy Happy Birthday! We still need to celebrate. I would be pretty happy too if Russ would make me a cake with Rainbow chip frosting and pair that with chocolate icecream. Yum! But I don't think Russ will ever make me a cake. Sad! :(

Stephanie said...

Ahhh thirty! I remember thirty. Enjoy it! Hope you had a great birthday, Mac! You need a facebook page, too! :)

Cous Steph