Tuesday, March 24, 2009

More Fun With Butcher Paper: Body Tracing!

So that paper I got from the Post Register for cheap, it's continuing to pay me back in countless ways. Inspired by my time as a high school teacher(body biographies), I traced the girls bodies and had them then draw and color their bodies. Later, I hung them up on our sliding doors so we could all marvel at their work and, more importantly, make sure "Dad" got to see them when he came home from work. This was a great activity that kept them occupied for, like, 20 minutes, and they were happy and nice about it too. It could also be used to teach parts of the body or discuss modesty.

Hint: The bodies look a lot less creepy if you draw necks, fingers, and toes.

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Jenny Lynes said...

I am dying right now! They are a little creepy! And what is that big pink thing in the middle of AVery's? Still, I think I will do it with my kids cause I can't stop laughing.